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Incredulously, many contemporary white authors seem not to link or acknowledge the Black Madonna’s color with her Afrikan origin, although their ancestors did without hesitation.

Some flatly deny any racial connection. Instead, they come up with various reasons and sophisticated explanations (the “dark” phase of the moon, fertility of the earth, etc.) ­any excuse except Melanin­ to explain why the Lady is portrayed black. This is evident in a number of books by white authors discussing Black Madonnas.

Perhaps whites have become so enmeshed in the webs of false history woven by their predecessors that many are blind to the truth, unable to see or discern even glaring evidence of Afrikan historical presence.

If white writers of today are indeed this ignorant ­or pretending ignorance­ of the Black Madonna’s Afrikan origin, let them read the works of a few rare honest white scholars which preceded them, such as Gerald Massey, T.W. Doane, Godfrey Higgins and Kersey Graves.

These writers knew and wrote the truth. This is amazing given the exceedingly overtly racist times in which they lived. Yet today, official white establishment does not and will not acknowledge the Afrikan genesis of their whitewashed religions. In Bible Myths, T.W. Doane devotes a chapter to The Worship of the Virgin Mother, where he candidly states, “The whole secret of the fact of these early representations of the Virgin Mary and Jesus-so called-being black, crowned, and covered with jewels, is that they are of pre-Christian origin; they are Isis and Horus… baptized anew.” 3.

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