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My life’s calling is to research and teach true world history. I intend to bring all the facts out the good, bad and the ugly. I refuse to mimick whites, arabs and mongoloids by lying and skewing history.

This honesty to my approach to academia gets me as many Black haters as whites. I’ve uncovered we were creators of the bible, Christianity and Islam. I’ve uncovered archeological evidence proving Ancient Western Asians were Black a combination of Africans and Black Dravidians. which means Destruction of Black Civilization should be called destruction of African civilization as the society’s Ancient Egyptians warred with were Black.

I’ve uncovered the fact that both Romans and Greeks were birthed from the Black civilizations that preceded them and up until around 300ad most of them were of color. I’ve uncovered that there were a plethora of Black Christian who ruled all throughout Europe and the same could be said about Black Christians in Africa. I’ve uncovered that not only was there a strong African muslim presence in precolumbus America but that Egyptians, Phoenicians, Sumerians and many more Africans migrated to the America’s for thousands of years not to mention Black Africans and Asians were 1st Americans.

And trust these are just a few things I can prove as it pertains to our history. I’m sick of these kids out here bashing folks religions claiming it’s the white mans religion when you all don’t even know the history of any of these religions. These folks I’m referring to are idiots as they bash religion for being bigots and then act the exact same way as if you don’t think exactly like them you are lesser then. I don’t drink or do drugs I have 2 college degrees my wife is a teacher and I’m a father of 2 children.

My goal is to properly educate children of African decent on true history not to create a bunch of ignorant bufoons that resemble a cult and go around bashing other Black folk all day which is unfortunately what so many of these so called conscious folks are doing today. So to those I speak of carrying on in this ignorant manner delete me because I deal in historical and scientific facts and only put forth which I can prove.

I will bust liars all day so think twice before you share that meme stating nonsense because I will call you out. Facts are the majority of Americans are the same level of bigoted, racist and woefully and proudly ignorant this is fact. I’m looking for intelligent, self confident serious Africans who want to learn not push lies to make their low self esteem selves feel good. Racism, bigotry and prejudice are signs of self hate and is what most Americans specialize in.

Sorry if you follow me all you’ll get is a proper facts with sources and evidence to back up all my facts. I teach history for free to the youth of my neighborhood and my wife teaches at the local school now I ask you what are you doing besides spreading non facts on FB? Words from Joseph Tribble my bro ftom another mother much lov n respect joseph

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