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Im scared

What Colorblind white folks look like decoded: “I’m scared if I see color I will also have to see white racism, im more comfortable ignoring white supremacy and pretending its not there. Yeah, I know it’s immoral to choose apathy over empathy, but I’m much more comfortable both socially and psychologically ignoring my white culture’s racism, plus I don’t want to lose my white privilege and all the benefits that my country’s white supremacy offers me. So yeah, I was raised to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to our culture and system of white supremacy, but denial is how I was taught to cope with what we have done and are doing to people of color. Ignoring our white supremacy is what we white folks have always done since the very first lynching and since the first African was enslaved over 400 years ago. So the tradition continues today, when cops shoot unarmed brown and black folks I dont really care, because thats how I was taught. And to be honest, (even though there is no evidence of such a threat) I’m scared if I stop the ‘I don’t see racism’ game that black and brown folks will feel empowered to want to pay us back for all the nasty shit we white folks did and are doing to them. I’m a slave to my white fear and greed, it is who I am and I’ll probably die that way.” -Signed, white America

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