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im not racist

Forgive me for being blunt but I need to set some white people straight about some things. If you begin a sentence with, ‘I’m not racist but….’ guess what? You’re racist. If you have to announce that you have black friends, you’re probably racist. The thing is that black people are better than you and won’t call you out on your racist bullshit. They already know it is futile but what they can and do do is put up with your dumb ass in the hope you learn to stop thinking like a racist. That’s exactly what happened to me. I never thought about how deep in my marrow racism was ingrained into me. And this is not something you can just flick a switch and turn off. You have to get woke to it. You have to see the evil of it. You and only you can root it out and the first step to getting it out of your heart and mind is to acknowledge that is there by being honest about it. This goes out especially to all my fellow southerners. I once heard a very important politician once say aloud, ‘the N-words want reparations and that ain’t happening on my watch.’ The idea of reparations is a hostile one to most of the white people I was surrounded by in Kentucky. “Why should *I* have to pay for slavery? I wasn’t even alive when that happened!’ is a popular refrain from racists across the south because they are incapable of seeing the truth. Go into any jail in this country and explain to me why almost half the population in there is people of color? That is how ingrained into the minds of white people it is. “How can I be racist if I am not aware of it?” For the same reason cancer doesn’t GAF if you’re aware of it. It’s just there making you sick day in and day out. The difference is that it makes our entire society sick. Sick with injustice. I was a grand jury foreman once when I was 21 and I remember we had a shoplifting case against this guy and when the prosecutor left the room one of the jurors said, ‘that nappy-headed mongrel did it I can tell.’ They were more than willing to spend $35k to put him in prison for stealing a $300 car stereo because they were not consciously aware that they were in fact racists. That is yet another wretched and horrible message that people of color get from us loud and clear every single day of their lives. They and their families are worth more to us in prison than they are students or members of our society and it is an abhorrent injustice that is visited on them every single day in every courtroom in this racist country. That’s for the person I just shoved out the airlock after saying, ‘I’m not racist. I have black friends.’ You make me and the rest of humanity sick you racist bastards. Stop spreading your sickness to others.

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