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In the arts, Idealism encourages imagination and attempts to realize a mental conception of beauty, a standard of perfection, juxtaposed to naturalism and realism. In painting, idealism refers to the tradition of creating a "perfect" figure - one with a “goodlooking” face, “perfect” hair, a “good” body shape and no outward blemishes of any kind, rarely if ever painted or drawn from life... Essentially, it’s an "artificial" style of painting, that bears no resemblance to naturalism (caricature) A surprising number of people, do not understand that Museum Art, Movies, and Television, reflect what is called "Artistic license" It is a colloquial term, or euphemism, used to denote the DISTORTION OF FACT... Beginning during the 19th century and even earlier, Caucasian artists took to depicting historical people, as they hoped or imagined them to look... And in doing so, they made EVERYONE White, but that is not reality... As I have said many times, and repeated many times, Eurocentricks have created industry out of creating FAKE statues, paintings, coins, etc: depicting themselves, in place of the REAL people of earlier times, who were so called Black people… Naturally—with most of the REAL portraits and statues destroyed, industry was created to make FAKES…

It’s quite surprising to hear that some thought that the fakes were done in the time of the original people, alongside of the real artwork… I thought that it was understood that no person, especially a king or a Royal, would tolerate having artwork said to be them, which looked nothing like them—kind of a silly thought really… The fakes are of course MODERN artwork, done mostly at the "Birth of Racism" in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries… This is the time when so called so called whites began to aggressively carve out their FANTASY histories, of people, events, and religion… You know, like so called white ancient Egyptians, so called white Arabs, Berbers, and Hebrews (so called white Jesus), etc, etc…

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