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I don’t know – it’s hard for me to see any Trump ties to Russia… except for the Flynn things and the Manafort thing and the Tillerson thing and the Sessions thing and the Kushner thing and the Carter Page thing and the Roger Stone thing and the Felix Sater thing and the Boris Ephsteyn thing and the Rosneft thing and the Gazprom thing and the Sergey Gorkov banker thing and the Azerbaijan thing and the “I love Putin” thing and the Donald Trump, Jr. thing and the Sergey Kislyak thing and the Russian Affiliated Interests thing and the Russian Business Interests thing and the Emoluments Clause thing and the Alex Schnaider thing and the hack of the DNC thing and the Guccifer 2.0 thing and the Mike Pence “I don’t know anything” thing and the Russians mysteriously dying thing and Trump’s public request to Russia to hack Hillary’s email thing and the Trump house sale for $100 million at the bottom of the housing bust to the Russian fertilizer king thing and the Russian fertilizer king’s plane showing up in Concord, NC during Trump rally campaign thing and the Nunes sudden flight to the White House in the night thing and Nunes personal investments in the Russian winery thing and the Wilbur Ross with his Cyprus bank thing and Trump not releasing his tax returns thing and the Republican Party’s rejection of an amendment to require Trump to show his taxes thing and the election hacking thing and the GOP platform change to the Ukraine thing and the Steele Dossier thing and the Leninist Bannon thing and the Sally Yates can’t testify thing and the Sally Yates firing thing* and the intelligence community’s investigative reports thing and Trump’s reassurance that the Russian connection is all “fake news” thing and Spicer’s Russian Dressing “nothing’s wrong” thing and Trump warning the Russians and Syrians before the Bombing thing* and the Trump refusing to provide Flynn’s foreign ties documents to Congress thing* and Flynn’s illegal Turkish lobbying was paid for the Russians thing* and Flynn’s illegal lobbying for Russia thing* and the Trump asking Comey for a “loyalty oath” thing* and Trump lying to the world about Comey saying he’s not being investigated thing* and the Trump firing Comey thing* and the Trump or stooges lying to the world about why he fired Comey with 3 different lies* and Trump hosting Russian foreign minister and ambassador one day after to demonstrate his authoritarian street cred* and the finding out that Trump actually tried to fire Robert Mueller in June 2017 thing and the claim by trump that the Russia investigation is over some unrefunded golf club fees to Robert Mueller thing … And the Maria Butina / KGB / NRA thing and the slavish affection Trump showed to Putin Helsinki thing And Trump saying he believed Putin over ALL the US intelligence agencies thing So there’s probably nothing, all of this must be normal, just a bunch of separate dots with no connection whatsoever

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