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i am a king

I assert the natural Rights given of my Creator aka unalienable “Natural Rights”, because I am a child of The King, not a servant of Baal. Remember, is there enough evidence to convict you of being a Christian? If you keep not the Laws (all 679 of these) of the Book of the Law (the Geneva Bible) (The KJV is the State Religion Bible and the NIV is the UN Bible.), then the claim to being sovereign is MOOT.One is not a sovereign, one is the heir elect of the Sovereign. To claim sovereignty is to self proclaim to be deity.This Black Robed Devil, remember he is an Attornor, a twister, who will do everything to trick his victim to break the Law {the Creator’s Law, the supreme Law of the Land; i.e., America, the Heavenly Kingdom} and thereby gains jurisdiction. Selah! He, only, gains jurisdiction if one voluntarily give it to him. Christians can not take an oath (Talmudic or Luciferian in origin) or sign an affidavit in their form. (Matthew 5:34-37; James 5:12) There is a way of escape through, 28 USC 1746 (1). Though, a better way of escape is by recording Surety Bond in Twenty-one silver Dollars and filling UCC 1, based on Private Security Agreement; thereby, securing your “transmitting utility”. It is all a matter of “Through The Looking Glass”. Pawn Queen eight, Check Mate!

However, beware that if one successfully proves to be a Christian there is a high probability that these devils will attempt to commit one to prison for the insane, in order to force one to do time, anyway. It is a loop hole, by which they circumvent their own laws. Primarily, they cannot imprison Christians in their system, they imprison felons, CONS and WARDS; therefore if they cannot make or convert a Christian into a Felon by their CON game, then this is the simple solution, Baker Act the Christian, declare the victim to be NUTS, a ward of the court, and commit the Christian, then shoot the victim with drugs (the practice of Sorcery, Gal. 5:20; Rev. 21:8), after a period of a few months, MAGICALLY no more Christian. If they are able to perpetrate this fraud long enough, Christian is DEAD. Problem solved. Next! Folks, this is what took place in Nazi Germany and now in the United States.

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