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How do you know all human beings are the same underneath? How can one be sure that all people have the same type of spirit, soul or consciousness? It is just as possible that there may be some individuals on this earth who are malevolent spiritual beings within a humanoid body.

These malevolent beings could collectively make up a powerful race of entities who are far more powerful than other types of humanoid species. They could look essentially the same with only minor to moderate differences that we, other humans, have been trained to regard as normal variations of a single human race. i.e. slight deformities, tails, irregular limbs, strange and deliberate movements (as if walking with new legs for the first time).

How do you even know what a human really is? How would you tell the difference between a particular humanoid species from another when you have been falsely inculcated with the idea that “all humans are the same”. Who taught you that? No doubt the same some one who is trying to continue this charade. Look at it this way, could you kill someone with a high-power weapon, gut them out, and then climb into their body just for kicks? Then eat them? If you couldn’t possibility fathom the idea of doing such a thing, then you are not them, so stop claiming to be! WHY IS IT YOU DON’T HEAR ABOUT IT? You rarely hear of this behavior because their actions are protected (and covered) by the police, and other law enforcement agencies. And although they cloak themselves predominately in the so-called White Race, not all pale complexioned people are them.

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