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In America the black president has to be literally perfect in every way. He must possess the perfect poise, class, education, family, humility, ethics, charm, professionalism, he must be impartial, transparent, objective, peace loving, unbiased, he must be meek, articulate, scandal free, well spoken, and a unifier of all peoples.

But the white president can be overtly racist, sexist, xenophobic, elitist, corrupt, a pervert, thin skinned, narcissistic, a traitor to his country, a divider, illiterate, immoral, a rapist, rude, uncooth, unbalanced, classless, ignorant as hell, a womanizer, and is free to insult anyone and everyone as he chooses while all along having 100 scandals following him around at any given time. And to top it off even as perfect as our black president was, he still was the most disrespected president in American history.

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