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Speech by Philanthropist Phillip Wollen, The World Needs To Know – Do You Have Enough Conscious Awareness, Intelligence, Love & Compassion For Yourself & All Life To Make The Changes. PLEASE SHARE!!!

Life is Not Your Conveyor Belt or Product. Animals Are Not Products To Enslave, Abuse, Abduct Their Children, Way of Life, Put on A Conveyor Belt, Packaged & Shipped Around The World. Animals Are Living Beings, Living Souls With Thoughts, Emotions & Actions, A Mind, Mood & Behavior To Serve Nature, To Serve Life. A War Against Nature is A War Against Life! Love Yourself, Love YourCells, Love Life Completely At All Times Hate does not come from fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, trees & stone. Hate comes from a toxic malnourished human reality, a material artificial identity & a devitalized lifestyle eating from the grave, disrespecting the animals, with no true love or compassion for your own species or any other species on the planet. Disconnected from the circle of life, disconnected from the natural energy exchange of earth, air, water, sun & your species specific diet, purpose & lifestyle. Eating toxic food, thinking toxic thoughts, feeling toxic emotions, creating toxic places, resonating at a low diseased vibration, no respect for the earth, no respect for the waters that flows through all blood, no respect for the air filling every lung, no respect for the animals other nations, other species living on the same planet trying to grow, thrive & evolve, no respect for the human dna, the human temple of light and living to consciously or unconsciously spread a parasitic energy, frequency & vibration to self, others & all life around. You are not in nature, you are nature, you are not on earth, you are the earth. Everything is affected because everything is connected, live to build your temple, not your tomb. We did not come to serve fictitious systems, corporations, governments & religions. We came to raise the vibration of the planet, to serve the earth, the elements of life, to grow, transform & evolve the human expression of life by living in harmony with nature, living to be good gardeners of creation nourishing the planet as well as nourishing ourselves growing, transforming, evolving without beginning & without end. No more flags, Pledge allegiance to life, to the earth & return to natures embrace. Veganism: Being vegan, raw vegan, plant based or fruitarian isn’t about how long you live, it’s about the frequency, energy, vibration & purpose you bring to creation. Every thought, emotion & action serves the vibrational energy of health or disease, growth or decay, love or hate, unity or separation to self, others & all life around. I hear a lot of people say my grandma lived to be 90 eating whatever she wanted but how did 90 years of eating whatever you want bring health, harmony, love, peace & unity to the world, to humanity, to all life. It doesn’t matter how long you live if you come to divide, serve disease, malnourish our human dna, destroy the animals, the planet we all trying to evolve, grow & transform on. You belong to life, You are not in nature, you are nature, everything is affected because everything is connected. Love Yourself, Love YourCells, Love Life Completely At All Times. Blackpower Requires Blackhealth, If Blacklives Matters Blackhealth Matters MORE!!! Healthy We Are United, Diseased We Are Divided

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