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It has been quite a while since writing my last essay entitled “More hidden truths about white people”. Readers have been replicating my work all over the Internet for many years which has been increasing the consciousness level globally. So, we again delve into the topic at hand. Scientifically speaking, White skin means lack of pigmentation when put side-by-side with pigmented (Black) skin. White skin stems from a gene mutation of a single person who lived 10,000 years ago. Just remember that Europe was brown 6,000 to 8,000 years ago which accounts for the evolution from Black/White. Scientists made the discovery after identifying a key gene that contributes to lighter skin color in Europeans. One amino acid difference in the gene SLC24A5 is a key contributor to skin color difference between Europeans and West Africans. Can Albinism be attributed to what we consider “white skin”? Albinism has been labeled/considered a disorder found in fewer than five people per 100,000 in the United States and Europe. Can this disorder be attributable to the “mutant gene” that produces white skin? Other parts of the world have a much higher rate of Albinism; for example, Albinism is found in 25 out of every 100,000 people in southern Nigeria. One way to sum up the thought process of white people is as follows:

White people will not accept genetic mutation/subservience….

When it comes to genetics, race does not exist. Africans have the greatest amount of genetic diversity. Realistically speaking, a person is no more than a a combination of Black albinos over 200 years of intermarrying. An albino lacks the two primary genes that otherwise would regenerate dying cells due to inbreeding. That alone produces inferior stock, (Discovery Civilization Channel noted that fact.) A perfect example of this is exemplified when the corpse of a pale person or a G.I.M. Genetic Inferior Mutant, as the National Science Foundation calls themselves—or with pale skin. It is common knowledge that people with pale skin, after death, must be buried within two to three days because of massive decomposition. Scientists say people with pigmented cells regenerate at a constant rate and can last five to ten days longer. Dr. Cress Welsing, author of “The Isis Papers” goes into why pale people continue to fear those with dark skin. It all comes back to dominant and recessive phenotypes. The book is required reading in Asia, Europe, Africa and the US.

Scholars know the ancient Egyptians and all other PERTINENT ancient cultures were of Black origin. The information has been suppressed…..On October 20, 1996 (not 5 December 1996, as publicly announced) at 9:30 AM Cairo time, a fiber-optic video camera attached to a robot supposedly revealed three meters by two and one-half meters on the other side of the “door” in the shaft of the Queen’s chamber in the Great Pyramid. In the chamber, they were said to have found a “Black man seated, staring up the shaft at the star, Sirius, at the meridian crossing”. The feet and knees were crossed and the statue was holding an Egyptian ankh towards the star. The October 20 date also supposedly correlates with the date-profiles of the Apollo moon-landing. Hoagland said the security guard who leaked this information got into big trouble and was supposed to have been relocated far away from the Gaza plateau shortly after giving the above information to Hoagland’s informant. None of this can be confirmed by traditional news sources. (12/20/96, Art Bell radio show guest, Richard C. Hoagland).

White people have always piggybacked off the accomplishments of their genetic parents–Black Africans by the concept of “controlling the masses.” This has been done through Biological Warfare, the news media, social websites, and probably the most massive tool has been the Christian church and the Bible. The test tubes and vaccine needles may take a little longer but have been quite effective because the needles are silent, and blame can be reversed.

Take for instance the diseases created in test tubes by the US Government. Ebola is an illustration of biological warfare perpetrated by White people and not something that Africans acquired amongst themselves, specifically the ones working for the government agency, Centers for Disease Control. Why is the US agency housing those diseases on the premises? Doesn’t that seem a little strange? Ebola, MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome), SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) …. The government has waged biological warfare against people of color? Those diseases did not exist until created in test tubes and were created for population control or genocide to preserve the “Western White Status Quo.”

Enough evidence exists that Crisis Actors were hired to play victims during realistic training sessions or war games for the military or first responders. Crisis actors do exist, although as of November 2015, most of the websites once used to recruit and position the actors in military exercises have been taken offline. Crisis actors are hired to play victims in acts of terrorism, both domestic and foreign, to create the illusion that these acts are real. Since this theory first became popular, many images and videos have been created to identify crisis actors who may have been involved in real tragedies. These claims were used in the Sandy Hook massacre and Boston Marathon bombing.

Enough people have read this information, and more is being written every day. Included in this information is the truth about Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods. It is believed that all were murdered by the banking cartel and replaced with doubles. Some believed the celebrities were cloned. Whitney never lost her voice to crack. Women who were her doubles, couldn’t replicate Houston’s raw talent. Same with Tiger Woods. He can’t play golf like he used to play, or the doubles just can’t play like the real Tiger Woods?

The latest craze people have fallen for, Facebook, is just a government project to get people to voluntarily relinquish their personal information for the benefit and gain of the federal government (run by the elite banking cartel). People pour their hearts out on Facebook like a diary, and that is used in the way intended. They want to know exactly where your head is so they can map out an effective strategy to keep people’s thought processes under control. Mark Zuckerberg was not the master mind behind Facebook, he is just a puppet assigned to head up the Illuminati project.

The greatest secret Africa has never told and Christian Europe has been seeking to conceal for the past two thousand years is the African origin of the concepts, doctrines, sacramental practices of religion, and the documents that became the foundations of Christianity in Europe. It was from this fact the Catholic Church got the Black Madonna, the Black mother of Jesus Christ. Further evidence of the African origin of all these is in the Bible and can also be found among the very people Christianity has believed wrote the documents of the Bible.

Did you know that the names of Abraham, Isaac, Esau and Jacob were all derived from African tribal words and names? Did you know that the earliest “Hebrew” name for God, Adonai, was derived from an African tribal word? Did you know that the other name of God, Yahweh, was derived from the name of an African tribal God? Did you know that even the word Israel was derived from an African tribal word and that the bible confirms it’s African tribal meaning? Did you know that the names of the authors of the Old Testament are not “Hebrew” or “Jewish” names, but transposed African tribal names? Did you know that most “Jewish” people still carry their African tribal names of origin? Christian Europe has never known these because it has never known the African linguistic and cultural side of the biblical story. (Nana Banchie Darkwah, PhD, The Africans Who Wrote the Bible).

It is totally obvious that white people are FRAUDS!!! They always have been. They are the inbred mutant albinos of their genetic parents-Africans! EVERYTHING that white people credit themselves with, ancient black Africans did FIRST! That is just the tip of the ice berg of the hidden world that white people want to keep secret!

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