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One of the most telling assumptions about this Alt Right march and people especially trump and his family that hold true to this style and way of life is that they can do what ever they want without fear of reprisal and this is scary on the face of it it seems that evil has its day in the SUN of justice righteousness and truth. But whats they dont know is that there is a side unbeknownst to them either out of blind ignorance, stupidity or sheer foolishness that they cant seem to see, comprehend nor feel the subsequent consequences of their actions. One thing for sure that i understand in this life is KARMA it doesnt hit you when youre up and feeling good that youve escaped the bullet of justice but I can guarantee that sooner than later JUSTICE always wins over those who participate in the evil deeds of their heart either as a collective or individual action and words. I feel they the ALT RIGHT have their right to protest, scream white power, blood and soil and whatever other words and slogans they have. I also feel that the antifa have their right as well to thwart, repudiate and stand up against these so called extremist terrorist if i may go there for a min. But in the end whose more right the extremist alt right nazi wanna bes with tiki torches who feel theyre the equivalent of todays Hitler regime, pol pot, stalins or even the idi amins of the world who have killed 100s of thousands if not millions of souls who didnt stand a chance to see their futures flourish. I dont think so FB family for this to happen there must be a null and void of the DUALITies of our existence in which we seem to forget the call, the African drum that beats out the rhythm of our ancestors across the eons of time to harken, strengthen, and give us the WILL to fight against the very nature of EVIL that these once filled souls had in their youth as babies were born with but due to listening to the voices of hate had somehow became their mantra, their call to duty and their chosen way of life that has POSSESSED them like the spirit in the exorcist and now they have to adhere to it along with their willful accomplices to fulfill a destiny that was DOOMED from its inception that OUR AFRICAN ancestors have taught for all of humanity to learn and take heed. That lesson is simple my people its the MAAT the DUALITY of everyones existence that theres always good and bad, right and wrong, intelligence and stupidity and you can go on and on here. What must be realized is that in this polarity of life the duality of everyones existence is that the POSITIVE side of the equation the good, intelligent,right side always WINS in the END. It doesnt matter what TRUMP and family do, did or will do if you look simply at the equation that WHAT wins in the end you will see that trump and family and these ALT RIGHT neo nazi wanna bes dont STAND a SNOW BALL chance in hell just like all the evil men and women and or groups that supported them LOST in the end they too MUST lose and thats the sad funny part about this is that they CANT see the forest before the trees for PRIDE comes before the fall it always had and it always will. With that being said stand tall stand strong stand proud and stand firm in knowing what SIDE are you on for evil ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS destroys those who participate in it and the righteous shall be delivered onto the land of the evil and they the evil ones shall be made to be their footstool. Peace my FB FAM Isaiah Israel

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