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hey white people

Hey white folks around 1861 there were approximately 21 million people in the union states and only 9 million in the southern Confederate states. Of those 9 million in the South 4 Million were enslaved africans. By the time the civil war ended over a million people had died in one of the bloodiest wars in history. Reality is our love of racism has ruined America, it has never served white people it’s has only destroyed us, it is truly America’s greatest flaw. Today the white man still thinks the lies of white supremacy is helping him some how. White America installed a deranged white supremacists president that is literally destroying our nation and they continue to support him while he openly spews out racist ideologies and laws. What white America has never understood is our racism toward people of color has enslaved us from ever having integrity and knowing peace. In truth the white man will never obtain happiness until he dismantles his greatest evil, that being his system and culture of white supremacy. The starting point is acknowledgment. Below are seven guidelines to get you started with the 7 steps to White Racial Responsibility as seen by me: 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT/ACCEPTANCE of racial reality. Stop being a white apologist, find the courage and truth to let go of the greed and fear that keeps us immorally clinging to the dominant position, privileges, benefits and delusions that white supremacy is giving us – In order that we may put behind us our years of cultural white supremacist training, thought and values by facing the very hard truth racially about our self, our race, our culture and our country. 2. CHANGE THE DISTORTED LENS in the way we view people of color. To look at people of color outside of our insulated and self-serving white biases. To see people of color not as the white supremacist stereotypes we have been programmed to believe but instead as true and complete equals. 3. LISTEN, LEARN, AND BELIEVE what people of color are saying about their life in America racially. They are our teachers when it comes to race. 4. REACH OUT to people of color through simple, sincere and genuine friendships that is free of white supremacist notions and biases. 5. ACT on your new racially unbiased truth and reality, by speaking up and providing accountability when you witness other whites, establishments or institutions speaking, behaving, or performing in a white supremacist manner. Join or create organizations that are actively working towards dismantling our system and culture of white supremacy and do the work. 6. PASS IT ON by telling, teaching, and sharing your new racially unbiased truth and reality, with all children (and start them early), with your white friends, family, and co-workers, with everyone and every place. Work to decolonize the minds and hearts of all, especially our nation’s institutions. Fight to reform our educational system to stop white washing our history and education, fight to have anti-racist values and the hard truth about our system and culture of white supremacy taught to every child in every school. 7.DO IT THE CORRECT WAY. It’s not about us, it’s about the fight for justice, our legacy, and our glory is not why we do this. We are not here to save anyone. We are not saviors. We are not heroes, we are not doing people of color a favor, we do not deserve praise for simply doing what is decent. Racially people of color are our teachers, but it’s not their responsibility to teach us, it is our responsibility to learn from them, we must be able to listen and to know when to shut up. Know we white people are illiterate racially, know you will make mistakes, but learn from your mistakes, always growing. Never be a fragile defensive white apologist. If you can’t acknowledge the lies of white supremacy, if you are not taking action against it, if you are not trying to dismantle it, or if you are not educating other whites racially, then you are doing something wrong. Understand that people of color have said the same for 500 years and no one listened. You’re not saying anything original. Understand that because of our reputation racially people of color may not trust you. Stay in your lane, not our place to lecture people of color on race, they can handle their own business. Can we white people handle ours is the question. Let go of white guilt and fear, be guided by a love for humanity and justice. Understand the cost of living the lie of white supremacy is self-destruction, mass dysfunction, and misery for us whites. It affects everyone, including us white people.

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