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Pleased to announce through months of deliberation the United Nations has given African-American Jews status in the United Nations. Giving a platform to educate the world on the African-American Jewish narrative to formulate Partnerships and create more Unity Internationally.

On a Big Picture, this partnership will allow us to unify with the Jews in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole along with the Holy Land of Israel. May this acknowledgment by United Nations bring America closer spiritually to the rest of the world, with the hopes of removing pain and suffering for all of humanity. Gd Bless America for the constitutional rights of religious freedoms for its citizens. The Torah is a source of healing for all of humanity and may Gd Bless the United Nations for giving us a platform to share it. Amen Waiting on date confirmation from the United Nations but we will be giving a presentation in front of the United Nations, New York about the African American diaspora.

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