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hela cells henrietta lacks

Hela Cells Henrietta Lacks

NewsOne está con Henrietta Yancy. 9 de agosto de 2013 a las 10:44 · MEDICAL RACISM! Have you heard of the story of our long, lost Sistah Henrietta Lacks (pictured)? Before she died in 1951 of cervical cancer at age 31, researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore sampled her cells during a biopsy without her consent. The HeLa cells (an abbreviation of Lacks’ name) became the most widely used human cell line in the world. But the Lacks family had no say in the cells use. Their privacy was severely disregarded for decades. It was only on Wednesday that The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that the family and Henrietta would be recognized. (the family also has settled on a privacy agreement with the NIH. Simply put: THOUSANDS OF LIVES HAVE BEEN SAVED (AND BILLIONS MADE) BECAUSE OF THIS SISTAH, BUT SHE GOT NO CREDIT! It is too little, too late but this development marks some semblance of justice. #HenriettaLacks

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