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NEGRO WHO CAN WRITE HEBREW This particular article speaks about a young Hebrew man that came from Africa; that surprised the so called Ju with his ability to write and speak in Hebrew…. The article reads: “A young African Negro has been in this city for the last few days who claims to be a Hebrew. He is deaf and dumb and and as black as the ace of spades. He carries a pad of paper with him and answers all questions by writing them in Hebrew and Loschen Khodish. What excites the most wonder is that he writes Loschen Khodish very rapidly. It is the language of the books of Moses, and is made a special study of, spoken and written with ease only by the rabbis and highly educated Hebrews… The Negro was sent to one of the rabbis of Hartford, who is perfectly satisfied that he is a Hebrew. He says that he came from a large town in Africa, where there is a tribe of about 20,000 black Hebrews who speak Loschen Khoddish and are quite prosperous. He also says that his father is a rabbi in that town, and this is why his father took the trouble to teach him to write these languages, which needed an extra amount of labor on account of his being deaf and dumb… He says his people not only write Loschen Khodish, but it is their speaking language as well. He left home a few years ago and had seen a good deal of the world. In each town he hunts up the Jewish section and there they give him clothes, food, and money… What surprised him, his writes is that no Hebrew knows of his countrymen in Africa” -The Houston Daily Post, September 20, 1897

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