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Have you ever asked yourself how is it the most prejudice country in the world is home to all the nations of the world. White people in the US (not all) basically don’t like and are prejudice towards all people of the world. Everyone that has outside ancestry says the same thing when you speak with them. Each has experienced some form of prejudice. Italians, Irish, Jewish, Spanish, Canadians, French, Caribbeans, Africans, Asians, Native Americans and African Americans.

With the exceptions of the latter two all have been invited. France has even given this country the Statue of Liberty, it stands in the New York Harbor like a siren calling to Nation after Nation for people to come in.

For centuries, white people of the US have been prejudice there is no group of people here they don’t have a derogatory nick name for: wetback, genny, spic, talking head,himmi, redskins, gook and nigger. You name the nation they can tell you why they don’t like them. So bg this question why agree to be the home of the Free.

I’ll you why, this is not a home for anyone its a stepping stone to greatness if you can navigate the bullshit. The US was a prison dumpsite that the Black King James used to empty his jails and orphan homes of England and Ireland. King James VI of his name in England and James I of Ireland were one and the same, his mother was Queen Charlotte they were biracial (so they say) but black none the less. He filled ship after ship with undesirable and unwanted whites and threw them out of his countries. These people didn’t come to America to flee persecution or have freedom of religion-since they brought the King James bible with them- they were fleeing the guillotine and prison. This is why they hate the black and brown so much. Under the British rule at that time the Good King James and the Royals despised the under class vial whites that pillaged, raped and committed any forms of crime. America is not only built on African labor and resources but it received its freedom from Moroccan French, and Polish generals that came over to help with The American revolution for it freedom against King James Vi, I. Polish General Koszcuisko left a will for his American assets to go to the education and freedoms of American Slaves. The Moroccan Government was the first to give recognition to America as a sovereign Nation for portions of the US GDP and the first to do trade and business with the US. Now the US is is in debt and in breech of its contract with Morocco. Thus making Africa a Shithole or house country. TRUTH is not just about big Tobacco

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