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harvard give me my phd

Thx for the reply Harvard University ive written 2 ebooks that can be seen on and my question to you guys is really simple since and during the 16th 17th 18th and 19th centuries race science hoaxster like Morton et al received PHDs from Harvard based on lies and misconceptions of Black people that fed into the raging racial animus at the time that still affects us today as a nation. I am seriously asking that Harvard Univ posthumously denounce such verbiage and hostile text against the aborigine natives known as Black people today and withdraw these PHDs that were given to them that laid waste to the humanity of the aborigine black native population of the time and that Harvard knew of the truth and real contributions of Black people in America and worldwide via books written by Macritchie, Massey, Anderson, Churchward, Huxley and et al. Pls see attached ebook in my WMB series called thw white mans burden of lies and deceit 1 n 2 certainly if Harvard can give PHDs to people who lied, deceived, covered up that mischief and falsified records in order to gain acceptance into the club of wanna be White Supremacy certainly a real scholar like myself deserves a PHD from Harvard University based on the truth written and backed by facts and not emotions or racial bias pls call me 1 829 990 8267 or write me for further discussion and to have me come to prove my case for my PHD from your honest and venerable institution I am certain a listening ear will be granted to prove my case for my PHD.

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