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Greek Gods

9tSSponssonhrend · Source: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. SEE AETHIOPS.・・・In other words, Zeus had a lot of melanin… No we are not blackwashing history. We are correcting it. We are cleaning our identity from all the dirt that has been put on it. Rebranding Africa.I already know that many people will disagree with this post. I only advise you to do your own research. I have been as shocked as you the first time I have discovered this fact. As always, they knew it, they just kept it quiet.

Black is not only King. It is God.A way to make people understand why image matters so much is to make them understand where we came from. Understand what has always been the norm of blackness on this planet. And how low we fell. You should wonder what happened? Why did they work so hard to destroy our image? Understanding this should be enough for you to understand why caring about our image is so important.. ATTENTION PLEASE .1. Follow @myafricaniconsbook .2. FOLLOW us on TWITTER (Black History Mr. Imhotep]).3. Follow @montustore .4. LIKE the page on FACEBOOK (Mr. Imhotep)..5. Get your copies of My African Icons, I Love Africa and The Black Samurai, THE LINKS ARE IN BIO …Black History Mr. Imhotep].Rebranding Africa#imhotepfacts#Kemet#blackpeople#blackhistory#juneteenth#blackhistorymonth#blackhistory365#africanhistory#kemeticscience#melaninqueen#melanin#darkskin#darkskingirl#blacklove#afrocentric#blackisbeautiful#ancestors#zeus#elder#ancientgreece#greekgods

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