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I said that Gospel Music is worse than Gangsta Rap because it has promoted Maladaptation & Dysfunction for a longer time period to a larger population than Gangsta Rap has. 83% of Black people are Christian, less than 1% of Black people are active gang members, the numbers don't lie.

What disturbs me the that none people who disagreed with my statement acknowledged or countered my argument. People were responding: "what gospel songs promote killing Black people or disrespecting Black women," as if that was my assertion. No one tried to argue that Gospel hasn't been around longer & has greater reach (from Black Grandmothers to Black Grandchildren) than Gangsta Rap. No one even tried to argue that Gospel Music didn't promote Dysfunction & Maladaptation. No one actually offered a counter argument or a defense of Gospel Music. All I got was fallacious responses that actually proved the point I was making. Religious Delusions make you immune to evidence, it makes you irrational, it's anti-analytical, anti-academic, & ahistorical; it's Mentacide, the death of our capacity to fully cultivate & benefit from our minds. That's what Gospel Music promotes: Mentacide.

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