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2 de septiembre de 2013 a las 17:01 · His name was Edwin Robinson, and his son disclosed the details of the incident in an interview in 2008. Edwin had lost his sight and most of his hearing in a truck accident years before. Even for a near deaf man, it should have been clear not to go out during a thunderstorm, right? Well it’s all because of his chicken. After his accident, Edwin had adopted a chicken that he named Tuck Tuck (after the sounds it made). During the thunderstorm, Edwin was out looking for Tuck Tuck by the garage. Eventually, he found the bird, but was struck by lightning soon after. The lightning had bounced off of a tree and went right into his hearing aids, blowing them right out of his ears. He was on the ground for several minutes before he got up and walked back into the house and told his wife “I think I’ve been hit by lightning… I can read that plaque on the wall.” He read it aloud, but his wife just thought he had memorized it. She told him to tell her what time it was and he recited it perfectly. His vision was returned to 20/20, his hearing was back, and within a few weeks hair started to grow on his head that had been bald for most of his life. Though his wife certainly didn’t win spouse of the year for letting her blind husband go out during a thunderstorm, at least the end result was pretty good. More at:…/…/lightning_strikes/

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