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Some years ago, a well-known Melanesian Foreign Minister from Papua New Guinea, Ben Tangghama said it clearly, (PARAPHRASE) ‘The Blacks of Africa and Asia are directly related. Blacks have been in Asia for over 100,000 years and were the first people. Blacks in Asia and Africa are connected to the past, we are connected to the present and we will be connected to the future.’

There are hundreds of millions of Blacks/Negroid people from South Arabia to India all the way to Melanesia and Australia, and they are of African origins and were in fact the first humans to migrate out of Africa. 1. As far as the Americas is concerned, whether it is the North America (US, Canada), Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America — Blacks are among the original people in all these regions. 2. These Blacks are related to Africans just as Eskimos are related to Siberians. Moreover, these Blacks were in all the Americas before Columbus and come from two specific African cultural groups; the Manding-Congo (Niger-Congo) and the Manding-Kush (Niger-Cordofanian). These are the Africans who established the Olmec (Manding-Shi) civilization in Mexico. They are the ancestors of the Black Carib of Honduras/St. Vincent, Califunami of the Caribbean/Venezuela, Caracole of the Venezuela/Caribbean, Guanini of Northern coast of South America, Black Cebony of Puerto Rico, Cuba and Haiti, Waschitaw of the ‘Louisiana Territories/Gulf Coast, Jamassee who had a kingdom composed of Alabana, South Carolina and Georgia, Afro-Darienite of Panama, Choco of Colombia, Chuarras of Brazil and others. The naturalist I. Rafinesque mentions many Black Negro (not darkskinned American Indians) in his work ‘Primitive Black Nations of America – Friends Society: 1833: See more details in “A History of the African-Olmecs,” pub. by ) Explorers like Balboa and Peter Martyr mentions man Black communities in South America and Panama. There were many in California. In fact, California was named after a Black Queen called ‘QUEEN CALAFIA’ (here is her picture, ) EXPAND THE BLACK RACE, NOT REPATRIATE IT. So, Blacks are a GLOBAL RACE. We are global, we have been global for tens of thousands of years before slavery. Therefore, when we speak of ‘repatriation’ are we repatriating simply because we REFUSE TO ESTABLISH A STRONG AND POWERFUL PRESENCE WHERE WE ARE AND ALLOW OTHERS TO RAN US OVER, or do we think that when we go elslewhere, things will suddenly be rosy. That is not the case in Liberia, it is not the case in Ethiopia today. The people who have always lived on the lands in Africa where our ancestors came from, sooner or later when we forget we are all brothers and sisters, ill feelings can erupt. WE MUST BUILD OUR LANDS HERE AND HELP THE AFRICAN/BLACK DIASPORA What we must do is build strong, united nations here in the Americas and help to develop our brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere. We cannot allow other people to simply occupy all original NEGRO/BLACK lands in other parts of the world while we abandon these lands and say we are repatriating to Africa. We should EXPAND AND CREATE NEW AND POWERFUL STATES, NATIONS AND COMMUNITIES AROUND THE WORLD, or help Black nations already established outside of Africa to develop into powerful states. For example. We should spread Black pride and self-determination in Melanesia/Papua-New Guinea, West Papua, South and East India, the Indian Ocean, Northern Africa, Sudan, the Middle East, all the Americas, all Africa, Europe and globally. Blacks in all these regions who have been the original people should be helped to keep and develop their lands and cultures. Since Blacks have always been in the Americas and MANY OF US WERE CAPTURED AND ENSLAVED IN THE CARIBBEAN, CENTRAL AMERICA, NORTH AMERICA AND SOLD TO PLANTATIONS RIGHT HERE. Our ancestors were living free and organized in the Americas before Columbus, so we belong where we are. The Americas belongs to American Indians and our Black ancestors. AFRICANS BEFORE AND AFTER COLUMBUS The slave trade introduced more Africans to the Americas. Many are the blood relatives of those Africans who were already here before Columbus ( see MOORISH PARADIGM )were brought in chains to the Americas. Yet, there was a Black West African, Black Moorish and Black Nubian-Kushite presence in the Americas for thousands of years before Columbus. In fact there was trade between Africa and the Americas and the Americas and the Melanesia/Polynesia with Blacks and others long before Columbus. California was a major place of trade among Blacks of California and Blacks of the South Pacific and Eastern Africa. So, when we speak of repatriation, we must remember that many of our ancestors were captured and enslaved from Black nations already established in the Americas. Now the archeologists will have to get to doing their jobs. STOP PLAYING AROUND THE ORIGINS OF ‘KENNIWICK MAN’ WHICH SHOW BLACK MELANESIAN SKELETAL FEATURES. Publicize the findings that show that there are fifty skulls of Negroid people found in North-Eastern Brazil. Stop calling the Negro-featured and Negro hair braids, black faces and kinky haired collosal stone heads in Mexico (22) ‘babyfaced,’ WHEN THEY ARE REPRESENTATIONS OF BLACK NEGRO PEOPLE FROM AFRICA. When we do not know our history, we are destined to accept anything. NOW WHEN WILL THE EUROPEAN SETTLERS REPATRIATE TO EUROPE? We must establish a global relationship with Pan-Negro (Pan-African) people. We must create organizations to unite Blacks in the Americas, Africa and the Old World. But we must not throw away our lands and labor of thousands of years (including 500 years of slavery and colonialism) so others can have it. We see this phenomena in the US cities where Blacks love to up and ran as soon as they see others doing the same. We refuse to clean up our own areas and rebuild. Instead, we ran after others and follow them to the ‘suburbs.’ After a while, when we have left, these ‘suburb’ people who are mostly non-Blacks ran back to the ‘Ghetto’ and buy up all the houses, fix them and return to the cities. Black folks are then thrown out of the cities to the countryside and the gutters. WE MUST LEARN OR WE SHALL SURELY PERISH. However, it is easier to learn and to do what is right and proper to ensure our survival ALL OVER THE WORLD.

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