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Tupac’s godfather and close family friend was Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt, a high-ranking Black Panther. Pratt links us yet again to all the major families of the peerage – see Miles’ paper on Chris Pratt. Speaking of Chris Pratt, he played Rashida Jones’ boyfriend in the first season of Parks and Recreation. Now you know why they were cast together. [One of the show’s early casting directors was Allison Jones.] Geronimo was born in 1947, of course. In 1968, he was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing a 27-year-old white elementary school teacher named Caroline Olsen while robbing a Santa Monica tennis court. You have to laugh at that. How do you rob a tennis court? Caroline Olsen wasn’t an employee of the tennis court, she was a school teacher. So was it a robbery of a tennis court, or a mugging of Caroline Olsen? We are told Pratt’s loot was a measly $18, which would lead us to believe he got the money out of Caroline’s wallet. Again, why risk a life sentence for murder just to filch 18 bucks from a white lady at a tennis court? Also notice the amount, 18 – dead man’s hand again. Pratt was arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping. Who did he kidnap?

Nobody ever tells us. Pratt’s lawyer was Johnnie Cochran, famous spook attorney that pretty much exclusively handles fake cases. Pratt served 27 years in prison before his conviction was vacated on the grounds that “the prosecution had not disclosed the extent to which a key witness against Pratt, Julius Butler, was an informant to the FBI.” Apparently, Butler was an FBI mole who infiltrated the Black Panthers to take down Pratt. We can easily re-read this bit of theater by noting that Pratt was a decorated military veteran, reaching the rank of sergeant in the Vietnam War. On his return from the war, he didn’t go back to his hometown of Morgan City, Louisiana, but instead went straight to Los Angeles, where he attended UCLA. That screams Intelligence recruitment, doesn’t it? Intelligence has always owned Hollywood and the spook school UCLA, and they recruited Pratt out of the military to become an actor for the Black Panther project. He immediately joined the Black Panthers out of UCLA, despite having no known tendencies toward radicalism or civil rights activism. Do you really think a man who won two Bronze Stars, a Silver Star, and two Purple Hearts would turn right around and become a high ranking member of the Black Panthers, who were supposed to be anti-imperialist socialists? Only a brain dead zombie wouldn’t question this. By the way, Pratt was born on September 13. That’s the same date Tupac allegedly died. It’s also the birth date of Martin Luther King’s mother, Alberta Williams. Tupac died on a Friday – yes, Friday the 13th.

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