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gay ways

Gay ways or momma’s ways? Anyone looking at the picture below who believes these men have come by their sexuality via a ‘gay gene’, or hormonal influences, may be twerking up the wrong tree! A mere smudge of these men’s mascara may well reveal father-hungry boy children who were not only surrounded by all-things-female (clothes, make-up, sanitary towels) but who were also taught ‘your n*gger daddy aint sh*t’ by their matriarchal mothers. Their role models, thus, were ultra-bitter women with a propensity for endless verbal and physical combat, catty comments, and clownish clothes. Observe the men of such mothers closely and you’ll realize that socialization is the likely cause of their gay ways not a ‘gay gene’: or even a molesting uncle called Gene! For the record, I’m of the firm belief that homosexuality is a human norm. Yes I am! However, just like the typical, hyper-macho, Black male rapper, both have in common the absence of fathers in their lives as children. Both thus seek to compensate for this fact by adopting ultra feminine, and masculine, stances respectively. However, it must be acknowledged that most African-American men are not masculine but merely male: and most African-American women are not feminine but merely female. Less so, indeed, than the sons they’ve so maliciously robbed of their masculinity, and ‘made’ so outlandishly gay. (c) Menelik Charles

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