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Fuck Israel

Palestine Movement for Peace is asking for donations.

AlusdtulSgust emncfpdoonfr20 atso a5:crl5mcge6gfd PM · 13 years and a half in prison and a fine of 8000 dollars for 16-year-old Nermin Awad …Hello.. my name is Nourhan Awad, I am 16 years old .. from Qalandia camp in Palestine. On 23/11/2015.. I and my cousin Hadeel were returning from school. We were on Jaffa Street, like any student returning from school, but my day was different. I was surprised by the soldiers who fired at us, Hadeel and I, I was hit by 3 bullets and seriously wounded, Hadeel was killed immediately..

Under the pretext, we are carrying out an operation! I’m 16 years old and my mom is the one who peels the apple to me, she doesn’t let me use the knife and they claim we were going to stab a soldier!? We were the accused!!Hadeel was martyred..I was imprisoned and turned to the Zionist court. It convicted me of 13 and a half years in prison..and a fine of $8000..The two victims are on trial for being shot by obsessive racist soldiers..This is how the ‘Zionist apartheid regime treats us in occupied Palestine..I am currently in Sharon Prison..I will be released from prison at the age of 30..They stole my childhood and youth..My smile in this picture was moments to raise my mother’s morale..but I am very sad

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