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fuck guyger n the dpd

DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT and supporters of Amber Guyger …are low down dirty mofos..


because you have to be lower than snail nutts…to wait till the day of the funeral of a person MURDERED by a dallas cop….

to announce that you found weed in the murdered person apartment…. oh but you left out the part about Amber Guyger and DPD planting the weed right???…. i see what u doing…. so what we gone do is… the day Guyger supposed to be brought b4 a grand jury to be officially charged…. WE GOING to ANNOUNCE….EVERYWHERE…. 1. how she made constant racist posts on social media… 2. how she made threats against people of color and everyone who protests police brutality on social media… 3. how she was totally against Colin Kaepernick’s protest… 4. how she already killed another person of color in a questionable manner… 5. how she made unwarranted noise complaints against Botham Jean.. 6. how she comes from a family of racist and also associated with known white racist gangs… 7. how she forced her way into Botham’s apt by banging on the door an screaming to be let in… 8. how she fatally shot Botham…and his last words were…”oh my god why did u do that” 9. how she didnt try to save botham after shooting him…but instead tried to cover it up…because its murder 10. how she initially lied about being cop…and reported to first responders that she was a security guard 11. how she re-entered a crime scene which she was involved in…which is against the law…so she could tamper with evidence… 12. how her own apartment was never searched….and how she was allowed to move out….which shows how DPD is helping her to cover tracks…. 13. how she has a history of racist mentality actions and behavior….. SO YEAH….yall want to wait till the brother’s funeral… to bring up that u found weed (WHICH U PLANTED THERE) Then we gone bring up all this racism and corruption by Guyger, and DPD at the grand jury hearing.

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