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fuck da queen

I mean damn, while she was in Kenya, she ordered the killings of freedom fighters in the Aberdare forests in 1955 killing men and women of truth until they gained independence in 1963! She had a f•cking obsession with gold, diamonds, silver and murdered anyone in her way of getting it. Of course not by her hands, but she set out the got damn orders! Certain individuals are so effected by people who didn’t give a f•ck about you then and even the moments before death, WHY!?!? I mean I KNOW WHY… the picture I have attached proves so!

All while I’m not praising and rejoicing in her death. I damn sure never gave a f•ck about her enough to care she is no longer here. Especially knowing the sh¡t she has done to the people of Africa or any other country she stepped in and ruined lives! The truth hurts the ones who live in ignorance and the comfortable lies that they were raised by. *Note that the picture below is of the Duchess of Windsor, ONLY USED to capture the audience attention. A video I found of her and her parents doing the Naz¡ Salute is in the comments*

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