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From Nothing

The Universe’s Story It all began with “Nothing”, a nothing made entirely of everything. this nothing was never defined or restricted by time, space, nor matter. as a matter of fact, this nothing was the original master, the mighty creator, the fearless father, and the merciful mother of deathless time, weightless space, and pointless matter.

this nothing emotionlessly feels, this nothing motionlessly moves, this nothing thoughtlessly thinks. this nothing was neither good nor bad but rather the divine fusion of these intertwining twins, harnessing the truth and deceit of the almighty light and the forsaken darkness. this nothing was all, without the principles of all. through the infinity, the harmony of the nothing flowed into the absolute everything. it became all that was to be, all that is of being, and all that there will ever be. the trinity of all that is, was, and will be nothing.

This is the basis of life and death, the birth of maturity, and the metamorphosis of immaturity. through our all-knowing imagination, we venture through the body of nothing’s everything, we experience the event of fate, chance, and luck. the soul of light and the spirit of darkness perform an immortal dance to the grand symphony orchestrated by dimensions, demonstrated by realities.

this streaming wonder is the formless foundation of atomic cosmos enveloping the cosmic atoms. the beautiful brilliance of constant continuation, communication, and connection are the weaponizing shields of evolution’s energy, boundlessly aiding the ideology of imperfection. From there stems the root of corrupting concepts whose mere motive is to resurrect the seeding spawns of lost negativity. deep within the domain of incomprehensible control, the universe nurtures its wicked child, the parasitic negative-universe, purposefully pending a dynamic oath that will transform our impenetrable home of endless omniscience into the heavenly dynasty of pure advancement. In this untouched form of being, spherical balance and parallel equality will be measured by unfamiliar morality and unmatched meaning.

The logical force of primal enlightenment will furthermore escalate towards maximized superiority, granting all pledged beings the celestial journey through the unlimited terrain of renovating paths encompassed by unexplored destinies. Possibilities will reign unimaginable and raw reasoning shall resign within the corpses of our liberated forefathers, igniting the futuristic flames that will illuminate prophetic acceptance overwhelming the shadows of unconsciousness. the commending tides of subliminal order have gradually unveiled the flawless reflection of the angelic gateway into the ascended ultimatum of absolute fantasies. The newfound genesis, the kingdom of ethereally expanded energy, the unification of nothing’s everything and everything’s nothing, the universal compound synthesis has been activated….reading is FUN-TO-MENTAL

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