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from my buddy dixon

White supremacy has ruined the white man. White people’s foul obsession with racial fear and greed is what has kept our disease of white supremacy thriving for 500 years now. It is white greed that created a black and brown holocaust because of white people’s sadistic and barbaric desire to built this nation on stolen land from brown folks and stolen labor from black people. It’s the same white greed operating today that continues to perpetuate our system and culture of white supremacy. White fear of retribution from these inhumane deeds is also what keeps white America racist and apathetic towards black and brown folks. White people today are extremely efficient at supporting white supremacy by either denying it or ignoring it, this is racism’s greatest support system. As well today all over the internet white people are busy acting out in a desperate need to try make black folks appear inferior and themselves superior by spewing racism and white apologist propaganda. White politicians, companies, students, teachers and even new products are continuing the childish and racist traditions of blackface in another desperate attempt to try to make black people appear inferior. It is exactly this same psychotic insecurity and arrogance that has and is destroying the white man and Trump is living proof of this. Dont forget it was the the white man’s dirty dead of slavery that cost him a million lives during the civil war. It was the pathetically racist white America that got triggered after a black president that got the dangerously incompetent Trump elected, all simply because he was the most racist candidate at the time. White people are now feeling the pain from their elected fascist. Under their appointed white supremacist Trump, we now have higher taxes and lower wages for the poor and middle class, labor and employment exploitation off the charts, mass murders running rampant, 1000s of lies, misinformation and propaganda, government shut downs, the world’s nuclear treaty destroyed, world relationships destroyed, we are being alienated by the world, farmers are suffering, a president who is a criminal treasonous con-man, and God knows what damage he will do before he is gone. And white America still thinks white supremacy is helping them somehow. Us white people are taught this great lie that living this immoral life style racially will bring us happiness. In truth the only thing that living under the festering lies of the white supremacy has brought us is a reputation for being entitled, untrustworthy, two-faced, greedy, privileged, apathetic, hypocritical, narcissistic, delusional, and iqnorant. Plus a life style of strife, dysfunction, misery, pain, ignorance, confusion and psychosis. For no one can live such a dirty lie in peace. What more will this septic contamination cost the white man? Truth is our racism toward people of color has enslaved white America, the white man and the white woman will never obtain happiness until they first dismantles their greatest evil.

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