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from janet davis

We are going to have to save ourselves…this won’t stop with Trump. It won’t stop with the government, PERIOD. The only way to end this will be down the barrel of a gun. And NO ONE wants that, but no one is just going to lay down & die either. We aren’t being given a choice. It’s like we’re being forced into a corner.

I hate the politicians, the SPLC, ANYONE who is pushing this, hate then like I have never hated a human being before. I cannot remotely try to relate to them, consider anything they say. It’s just white hot hatred for these “people”…and I don’t like feeling this way, but they kept pushing & made me feel this way.

Every commercial has interracial couples, or a white person subservient to a black one…it’s disgusting. I have 2 sons & I’m not willing to throw away their futures. I know I’m not the only one. Fuck these people.

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