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Free this Brother

STOP AND READ This William Marcus Wilson he is a 21-year-old black man in Georgia and in the summer time (June 2020) him and his white girlfriend went on a 1am run to Taco Bell just to get some food.While doing this late night run to Taco Bell they encountered white teenagers in a Chevy pick up truck that started to shout racial slurs at William, they started to call him a “n*gger” and his girlfriend a “n*gger lover” also proceeding to tell William his life didn’t matter. The white teenagers even tried to run William and his girlfriend off the road, and remind you William drives a Ford Fusion and they’re in a Chevy pick up truck so of course they can do more damage. As they hit the back of Williams car his girlfriend said William pulled out a gun and fired back at the car of the teenagers causing a bullet to hit (17-year-old Hailey Hutcheson killing her) (which is the girl on the right) William even turned himself in guys, but he’s still being dragged through the mud. He has been denied bail and the judge labeled him as a “threat to the community” but why is that? He was standing his ground which is a right in Georgia, it was a life or death situation for him and his girlfriend while these white supremacist tried to hurt him and his girlfriend. People are demanding justice for Hailey, but I am demanding #JusticeforWilliam, I am so sorry that she had to lose her life. But she CHOSE to be friends with people like those people who decided to shout racial slurs and tried to chase a black man off the road. She chose to surround herself with hate, she was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and William should not have to pay for that. This a systematic lynching and we need your attention media, they’re trying to hide the story but it deserves to be brought to light.

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