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Your so called African is in fact the Original Black Asiatic… Don’t believe the Christian/Ashkenazi migration theories of Noah’s children. America is Underhill (2001) proposed that haplogroup E may have arisen in East Africa. Some authors as Chandrasekar

(2007), accept the earlier position of Hammer (1997) that Haplogroup E may have originated in Asia given that:E is a clade of Haplogroup DE, with the other major clade, haplogroup D, being exclusively distributed in Asia.DE is a clade within M168 with the other two major clades, C and F, considered to have a Eurasian origin.Haplogroup

C seems to have come into existence shortly after M168 was introduced. Although Haplogroup C attains its highest frequencies among the indigenous populations of Mongolia, the Russian Far East, Polynesia, Australia, and at moderate frequency in the Korean Peninsula and Manchuria, it displays its highest diversity among modern populations of India, and therefore it is hypothesized that Haplogroup

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King James IV (1473-1513) and the European Muurs – Jide Uwechia King James IV (1473-1513) and the European Muurs – by Jide Uwechia King James IV of Scotland came to the throne in 1488. He was an able

the constitution

The Constitution came from our ancient laws and Hebrew laws, the Iroquois Confederacy also known as the Continental Congress. The Moors was the majority in all those groups, including the Union. Co


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