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Fear 2

Egmond CodfriedDecember 10, 2009 at 4:46 PM

Dear friends, I’m happy to see that more people are putting up my theory blue blood is black blood (1500-1789) on their website.

Sadly enough I have noticed that whites, any white person, will respond with blind panic, irrationality and ridicule if I try to explain these matters to them. Perhaps they are even in fear off each other and do not want to be labelled ‘nigger lover.’ Who knows? Yet I believe they deserve some consideration as they were dominated by blacks, so they were taught to fear blacks. This fear is instilled through education, media, movies, anything. The indoctrination is so strong and pervasive that other coloureds and even blacks are affected. To change this we have to combat the religious believe called white supremacy. The idea is that whites because of their colour are better, have better intelligence, better moral values, less likely to make a mess of some undertaking, more honest, more considered, less violent, better in looks etc.

This fallacy can easily be deconstructed by realizing that whites came out of blacks. Whites are descendents of albino’s as both lack the ability to produce melanin and some are still very white and immediately burn in the sun, while others are mixed with darker phenotypes and are able to tan. Human albinism is more then the classical albino with red eyes. There are albino variations which in description sound like what we consider normal whites with darker hair, darker eyes and the ability to tan. Albinism is hereditary.

There seems to be a need to medicalise albinism while they are normal, functioning people who just need to take some precautions before they venture out in the sun. Believe it or not, blacks were described in the 19th century as riddled with diseases and their extinction was eminent. Whites do this today against albino’s and recent this obvious comparison. They respond with some strange Wikipedia science saying that blacks slowly turned white in a mysterious process, about 6000 years ago. That’s actually when the whites left central Asia and settled in Europe, where they met the first Europeans, who were black and coloured.

While in the whole of nature every white life form comes from albinism. We have white roses and dark roses, white mice and grey mice, white cat and black cat and white gorilla and black gorilla. Yet we do not consider a white cat as defect or sick or put a higher or lower value on white cats, white dogs, white roses or white squirrels. White and black in regard to humans are political terms to divide and to oppress.

I feel that the first step needed is to eradicate white supremacy by showing every black person images of albinism among flowers, animals, primates and humans. Whites came out of blacks and are in no way superior. If they appear superior there must be other machinations in play. Like white supremacy is based on whitened, fake over painted portraits of a European elite which was described as black and coloured.

Moors are classical Africans found in Western art. I would like to advice blacks to come away from discussions about the Spanish Mores because this confuses the matter. The Arab Moors encountered black, coloured and white Europeans. The cultured black, noble and royal Europeans made Europe what it is today, but became cruel and despotic. This resulted in the French Revolution. Blacks abducted and held other blacks in slavery, and there are still blacks today who collaborate to keep other blacks down.

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