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These are cold hard facts pictured here is Mississippi governor Phil Bryant, his uncle Roy Bryant whom is Phil’s mother Estelle R. Bryant brother pictured at top to the right of Phil, beneath Phil Bryant murderer of an uncle is Cyndi Hyde-Smith & Carolyn Donham. Donham at the bottom is the woman who lied like Emmitt Till whistled at her leading to his brutal mutilation & lynching at the hands of Phil Bryant uncle Roy Bryant and just this year admitted to lying about the whole situation concerning Emmitt Till before Juanita Milam died this year. Cyndi Hyde-Smith made a statement yesterday about attending a public lynching if she was invited. WAKE UP PEOPLE it’s real out here I just gave you the play, we are governed by the KKK from the top of the totem pole to the bottom, they hide in offices, uniforms, cop cars, corporate skyscrapers & in courtrooms it’s alive and well. We have to change who governs us this is a conspiracy this is what there great america looks like to them and they doing it in the open because we out here walking blind I just gave you priceless info use it pay attention Vote and make a difference. Phil Bryant held a live press conference today blatantly disrespecting us all and standing behind Cyndi Hyde-Smith and her statement because he comes from a family who has Lynched first hand and they believe in this to this day know your history and facts are facts this is what they don’t want you to know.

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