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ETYMOLOGY = facts of the origin and development of a word From Greek etymologia—“analysis of a word to find its true origin” The word Swarthy derived from Schwarz—>Zwart—>Swart—>Sweart—>Swarthy Schwarz = black man, blackie, negro

Zwart/Swart/Sweart = black, of skin color of persons SOURCE; (Immanuel Schmidt, Gustav Tanger, Felix Flügel; “Flügel-Schmidt-Tanger, Wörterbuch der englischen und deutschen Sprache: Bd. Deutsch-Englisch”; 1896) This word, from its earliest recorded use, has always been used to denote a so called black person—not a “Caucasian with a tan” You can’t reinvent the meaning and definition of words to suit your narrative… You can’t take a word, that for centuries, has been defined as “black”—and because you don’t meet the criteria, change the interpretation of the word… That’s not how linguistics and language works…

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