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Even our own artefacts about our past are held by the christian government of Britain in the British Museum of Africa at exorbitant prices that we need to get a very big loan with the IMF for us to buy back what is due to us while those who posses the artefacts did not buy them but took them after taming us with New Testament that the forefathers of True Yisrael never saw. Ethiopia once ruled the world after Egypt, Israel once ruled the world in the reign of our King Shalomo who colonisers call Solomon. Ethiopia donated the largest amount of Gold, Frankincense and Almac wood for the construction of the First Yerushalem Temple of Shalomo. This is recorded in the Book of the Annals of the Kings of Israel. Colonisation came through the Greeks and the Romans and theirs was to destroy this worshipping structure and give us fake gods that will make us more slaves. Many Christians don’t even believe that the Ethiopia in the Scriptures is the Ethiopia of Haile Selassie who only lost the Hebrew government only in 1974. People do not know that the Persia in the book of Daniel existed as Persia till 1935 when it was changed to Iran. Historically the Mede-Persian empire allowed the Israelites to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem whereas those who gave us Christianity are the ones who destroyed the same Temple. Our people have been indoctrinated to believe that history is against the Scriptures. When you look for the historical background of Jesus people take out guns, and yet Shakespeare was able to narrate the story of Julius Caeser eloquently while Julius Caeser died in 44BC before Jesus was born but nobody in history wrote about this important figure, good or bad. Was Jesus a historical figure and which history books can we quote? The Annals of the World, Isaac Newton’s History of Ancient Kingdoms and many encyclopedia do not have the history of what the New Testament say. Before Jesus died on the cross, the book of Matthews say many saints were ressurected after a massive earthquake hit the area. People excavate that area for many artefacts but nobody ever thought about an earthquake around that area, unless the journalists of the New Testament are lying. A lie told repeatedly for many years becomes the truth even to the original liar himself. Christianity worked for colonisation but it failed those colonised. Once an enemy gives you a god to save you from him then you are in trouble forever because the measure of your belief in the created god is a barometer of how far they still control you. Africa and True Yisrael shall rise again and nobody ever died or shall ever die for our own sins, each one of us shall face his doomsday according to the level of his righteousness. So said the prophets of True Yisrael before colonisation came in. ( Ezekiel 18, Yirmeyah 31:30-34). Yah guide and bless the lost tribes of Israel.

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