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How do you explain the Dinosaur/dragon (see photos in this post) found at the Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia (Kambodia/Khembodia)? Cambodia means the Black land, while Angkor Wat means the city of the God-Kings. This Temple has to be Millions of years old to have had contact with dinosaurs, right? I’m just saying. Also, the architecture of this ancient Temple is an Indian-style, step-pyramid, which is very ancient, because step pyramids were your first pyramids. I know they say that the oldest pyramid is the step pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara, which is 4,700 years old, which is incorrect, because the pyramids of Egypt and around the world are a lot older. We were given a fake timeline by the powers that be to keep everything in the 6,000-year timeframe of modern-human history, in accordance with the great flood story of the Bible and the creation of Adam and Eve.

The Builders of the Angkor Wat Temple were known as the Khmer (Thoth) people. The word Khmer literally means Builder and it also means to create. Lord Khem of Egyptian legend was actually the Egyptian god Thoth (thought). HAM is also symbolic of Hermes Trismegistus, which is also Thoth. Ham also rhymes with Kam, Sam, Ram, and I AM (Abra-HAM/Mu-HAM-med). The title Khmer is the origin of words like Sumer, Khem (Shem), Kham, and Khan. Also, the Title of Moor comes from India, according to the Book Indian Masonry (1907), by Robert Wright. This makes sense because the civilized world (Africa, Asia, and the Americas) was once known as the three Indies. This makes sense because the Moor and the Hebrew both dress-up like the Ancient Hindu of India. This makes even more sense when you realize that Sufism comes from India; in which Sufism is the origin of the Islamic religion; and when you also consider the fact that words like Rome (the Vatican) and Ramadan come from Lord Rama (RAM). Indian is also the oldest civilization:

India was in the Americas, because India superior, which was the capital of Grand Tartary and the world, was in North America. We are also Indians, because the Americas is India Superior: You can clearly see the root-word origin of the Title Moor within other root-words like Meroe/Maur/Muur within the Suffix of Kh-MER, which is Mer, as in Tar-meri-khan/A-meri-can. Also, please keep in mind that the K became the S according to Gerald Massey, so therefore, Khem became Shem, and Kemitic became Semitic. Also, the Khmer people spoke Sanskrit which is the origin of all languages and is the oldest language. Sanskrit literally has no origin. Legends says that Lord Brahma (Abraham of the Bible) gave us Sanskrit as a gift from the gods. Learn more about Lord Brahma (Abraham of the Bible and the father of three faiths: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) right here:

The Mayans/Mayas are considered to be South American Indians. I have noticed that Scholars call the ancient Mayas, “Indians,” instead of Moors, well because the word India predates the term Moor and the Mayas spoke a language called Sanskrit, which is the oldest language and origin to all of the languages. Also, the Mayas built the same Indian-style, step-pyramid, Temples. We see this same architecture around the world, but in Indian the Temples are more elaborate and more extravagant, which is evidence that they (the Indians) created and mastered the Art of Building pyramids. You can tell by looking at the pyramids in Egypt that they were trying to copy what their cousins the Maya Indians had taught them, especially, the great pyramid of Djoser which is a failed attempt by the Egyptians at trying to build an extravagant Indian-style, step-pyramid, temple. Evidence that the Mayas/Mayans Indians were Blackamoors (Indians/Hebrews/Egyptians/Blacks):

This is the link to the Kansas City Journal article entitled “Prehistoric Man,” Monday, October 12, 1886. This article was written by Edwin Walters: This article proves that the oldest civilization was in Yucatan and in Central America, and that Egypt was first people by immigrants from the Yucatan. This article gives 6 facts to support it. The article states in pertinent part:

“After correlating all data that has been made public to the present time, the conclusion is unavoidable that the oldest civilizations was in the Yucatan and Central America. Future discoveries may change this conclusion. It seems that Egypt was first people by immigrants from Yucatan. Space will allow only a few facts that clearly indicate the truth of his assertion.

First- the pyramids of Yucatan are, some of them, much larger than any found in Egypt – that of Cheops not excepted.

Second- the pyramids of Egypt bear structural evidences of having been modeled on those of the Yucatan-notably, of the one at Coloma, which covers twenty-three acres.

Third- the early Egyptians and the Mayas of the Yucatan had the same system of reckoning time, but the Mayas developed a system that was far superior, and which antedated that of Egypt.

Fourth – the Mayas manufactured a cement that was of the same material as that of ancient Egypt.

Fifth – the architecture of Yucatan is of the same general type as that of ancient Egypt, but it is finer and seems to have been a model that the Egyptians attempted to imitate.

Sixth – the art of both countries, as displayed in their ceramics and architecture, is of the same type or school – that of Yucatan being much more highly developed.

According to one of these traditions, a portion of the Mayas – about 40,000 years ago – rebelled against the ruling king, and finally withdrew to the North. This Branch seems to have passed along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and to have reached Louisiana and the lower Mississippi Valley, between 30,000 and 35,000 years ago.

A few years ago some caissons were sunk for bridge piers, on Bayou la Fourche, Louisiana. At a depth of about sixty-two feet, some graves were uncovered. They had been made on the sandy beach of the Gulf of Mexico and had been covered with oyster shells. The present coast is about 110 miles from that point. The average thickness of the freshwater mud, so far as surveyed, is not less than forty feet from this point to the Gulf Coast.

Taking the average amount of solid matter-mud that has annually passed down the Mississippi River to form these delta and gulf plain and we have a measuring unit. United States government observations made daily since 1872, if I remember correctly – gives the annual amount at 57,872,000 cubic yards per year. By this unit, these graves are at least 29,000 years old.

From the lower Mississippi these people spread over much of the central portions of the North American continent, especially throughout the valleys of the Ohio and Mississippi and the Lake region. They seem to have been the original “Mound Builders.” [End quote].

The above said article is very significant because it mentions the Mound Builder’s. Who were the Mound Builders? Well, the Mound Builders were also known as the Ancient Ones, aka, the Washitaw Mu’urs (Moors/Maurs), who are the oldest indigenous people on the planet according to the United Nations: Prophet Noble Drew Ali was a Prince of the Washitaw Muur Empire and he was also a Cherokee Indian. The Moors are Indians too:

What’s also significant about the said article is that it gives evidence of the Mayas reaching Louisiana and the lower Mississippi Valley, between 30,000 years ago; and the article gives evidence of Mayan burial remains, graves, that are 29,000 years old, which is older than any burial remains of modern-day humans found thus far anywhere. The famous bones of Lucy that were found in Africa do not count as the oldest bones of modern-day humans, because Lucy was not a modern-day human. Lucy was a hominid (ape) species that the Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution rests upon, because academics profess that modern-day man evolved from Lucy, aka, Apes. Further evidence to support the said article can be found in the book “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon. The Mayas where the ancestors of the Egyptians. “Like the Mayas, the Egyptians regarded the West as the region of Darkness, the place where the souls of the dead return to the bosom of their ancestors in the realm of Amenti. There King Osiris sat on a throne in the midst of the waters; there, also, it was that Thoth performed his office of scribe was, then, the worship of the Cynocephalus, his totem, brought to Egypt from the Lands of the West.”

“Pythagoras borrowed his Knowledge of numbers and their meanings from the Egyptians. Theses received their science from the Mayas, those Civilized strangers, their ancestors, who in remote ages, coming from the East and from the West, had settled and brought Civilization to the banks of the Nile. Such being the case, it is but natural that we should find the same doctrine regarding Cosmogony and the meaning of numbers in Mayach, their Mother Country in the ‘Lands of the West.’” (See “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon).

“The Maya sages doubtless had reached similar conclusions, since they called their country Mayach; that is the land that first emerged from the bosom of the Deep, the country of the Shoot; and the Egyptians, according to Herodotus, boasted that their ancestors in the land of the West were the oldest men on Earth.” (See “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon).

Evidence to support the above statement coming from the Queen Moo book, “Mayach – that is the land that first emerged from the bosom of the Deep,” can be found in Jean Louis Agassiz’s book “Geological Sketches (1866),” Chapter 1 – “America is the Old World.” According to Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz, a renowned biologist and geologist from Harvard, America is the Old World, and he states as follows:

“First born among continents, America has been falsely denominated the New World. Hers was the first dry land lifted out of the Waters, hers was the first shore washed by the ocean that enveloped all the earth besides; and while Europe was represented only by islands rising here and there above the sea, America (Atlantis) already stretched in an unbroken line of land from Nova Scotia to the far West.”[End quote].

Evidence to support the fact that the Mayas are the ancestors of the Egyptians can be found in the Tomb of the Maya/Temple of the Maya in Egypt, because there is a Maya on the wall that is dressed in Kemetian/Egyptian garb. Author and Tour Guide, Brien Forester and Stephen Mehler, walk us through the Temple of Maya to show us the evidence. Here is the video evidence, so you can see for yourself and be your own judge: This video evidence proves contact between the two cultures, but I will take it a step farther by giving you Dr. Ivan Van Sertima’s book, “They Came Before Columbus.” In Dr. Sertima’s said book he demonstrates contact between Egypt and the Americas with evidence of all of the agricultural trade for items like Tobacco, Cocaine, Maize/Corn, Pineapples and etc. All of which I just listed are only Native to the Americas, so there was definitely contact between the South American Indians/and the Egyptians. Family and friends, the reason why I shared this post is to get Moors, Indians, and Hebrews all on the same page, because we are all one and the same people, but we just have been given all of these man-made religions and titles to separate us as a people. Its necessary to see what the Ancient Indians (Vedic Hindus), whom are us as a people, looked like, (see images of what the Nagas/Niggas looked like at Angkor Wat, which is the City of the God-Kings), and what did our ancient ancestors worship? Well, they worshipped the Christ (the serpent) within them, which is the Kundalini energy that is wrapped around the base of our spine. This Kundalini energy must be raised up the 33 spinal vertebras in order to reach your full potential. Learn more about what our ancestors worshipped when we ruled the world, and learn more about the Kundalini Energy right here:

Please, also keep in mind (if you are religious and you need something to worship outside of your SELF), that this civilization existed long before any Bible or established world religion was around, so these Ancient Indians are also Moormen (Mormons) from the Tribe of Ptah/Utah/Judah/Yudah:

In other words, these Ancient Indians were also Israelites, Moors, and Egyptians too, long before they called themselves that, because Judaism and all religions come from India and you have places in India with Judah as its name. For example, you have places and names like Sambujadesa (Sambo-Judah) all throughout Asia. I could not find the ancient map of Sambujadesa, but I did find the video evidence coming from scholar, Eugene Adams, “Africans in Asia,” who did the work for me: . This video from Eugene Adams, “Africans in Asia,” is a very powerful video, because it reveals that Angkor Wat is actually a Book of Revelations written in stone about the future fall of our people, thousands of years before it even happen, i.e., us losing everything and going through slavery. The Ancient Indians built this city to remind us of who we are, because they knew our fall was going to happen.

Eugene Adams, like a lot of our scholars (including Dr. Ben, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, and etc) were wrong about Africa being the birthplace of civilization, well, because this is what they were taught by design, by the New World Order hijack (wight supremacy), via, Western Academia, which has an agenda to put all Blackamoors in Africa so that we can continue to abandon our land rights to the Americas and everywhere else too. Believe it or not, but Africa was one of the last of the three Indies/three Ethiopians to be civilized. The Ancient Indians did not come from Africa.

They came from the Americas, which is the True Orient/East (Asia Proper), because their Capitol was in India Superior; and then we migrated into Asia Minor (India) and then into Africa. In Fact, here is more evidence that Civilization started in South America and went into Africa, via, South American INDIANS [Mayas]; and evidence that the Americas is the Old World (the EAST):

If India (Maya Indians) is not the mother civilization of Egypt (which it was), then India and Egypt existed at the same time. Egypt is not older than India. In fact, India was more advanced than Egypt was, according to the architecture of both civilizations. Evidence of the fact that Egypt and India existed at the same time can be found in the Grand Canyon, in Phoenix Arizona, which is in Ptah Territory/Utah Territory: Yes, they found Egyptian hieroglyphics and Temples dedicated to the worship of Shiva, Isis, Cheops, and etc., in the Grand Canyon: . (See photo in this post. Notice that there is a Shiva Temple right by the Egyptian Temples. You can even tell that all three of these temples were once Indian-style, Step-pyramid, Temples. The truth is all in the Architecture/Art.).

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