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egmond codfried says

This example comes from my research blue blood is black blood (1100-1848). There are many cases of European nobles and kings who are described as brown, black, not the white hands, ugly, the black boy, too swarthy, basané, noir et basané etc. Next you find portraits which show them white, but if you go on looking you find the black engravings of painted portraits that have disappeared or were over painted. I have found that many white persons to freak out at the idea of Black kings and nobles ruling, civilizing and christianizing whites.

Thus when presented with proof their minds shut down, they cannot answer or behave rationally and they slip into a demented denial. The proof comes from Eurocentric sites, posted by people who did not know they were looking at a black skinned person. But some images disappeared as soon as I started to discuss them. Those I had printed and reintroduced back on the web.

So it’s of importance to provide the source so people can get the whole story. These images are no incident, blue blood was black blood and Louis XIV was a very black man. Among these nobles and royals there were those with classical African facial traits, and were considered pure of blood, pure of noble blood. Read ‘Was Jane Austen Black?’ by Egmond Codfried

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