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Each move you make in life should be made as a Chess Master. Whether you are dealing with people of various personality types, relationships, your job or any other situation that you can think of which I did not mention. Making the right moves will set you on the path to become Grand master but a reckless move could set you on a path of loss and a life time of regret. A prime example could be dealing with a person with a “bad attitude” that you have to interact with, and this person holds the “key” to whatever it is you are trying to obtain (prize). Option 1: React to their bad attitude with the same type of energy and since this person holds the “key” to what it is that you are working toward they knock you off your square and slowly remove your pieces from the Chess board. Option 2: Remain calm, use a game plan and strategically make moves that will put you in a winning position. Don’t confuse this with “bowing down”. You are just using a more rational game plan that will increase your chances of success by consciously using maneuvers and tactics such as zwischenzugs, deflections, decoys, sacrifices, underminings, overloadings, and interferences (all of these are Chess terms that you can look up to get the meaning). This doesn’t mean to take advantage of people but Checkmate your opponent ethically. So, whatever move you make in life dealing with people always think of each move before you make it and the possible outcome of each move. Also anticipate their moves (your opponents) from the moves you could might make. Remember it’s the calmest mind that sees the clearest which is the main strategy to gain the upper hand over your opponent. 4

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