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Dumbing down

Facts are the vast majority of non white people in America worship white folks. They go through school and choose to believe their white washed history as if non white peoples have contributed 0 to modern and ancient society’s.

Then they watch all these movies and tv shows which are the main aspect dumbing down people after their bogus educational system. Tv and movies are white fantasy how whites see themselves which is so far off from what the majority of them and their murderous thieving culture is.

Then any of these same folks pray to white jesus despite no matter what religion or bible one reads all gods were described as Black and come from Black lands.

This is not white people brainwashing folks it is folks choosing to worship whites as they can not stop you from researching your history nor simply reading your bibles instead of just allowing your preacher to point you to some verses.

I’m so sick of they lied to us excuses there is not 1 reason any non white folks can name to make them think whites would be honest about our history. Anybody can tell you anything it is your fault if you believe it.

Facts are it is our elders who failed us so please no excuses do not fail your youth!

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