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Katari El shared a post. LMAO! I subscribe to no political party, so my comment is neutral. Visa versa, if these mofo’s are brave enough to wear these hats and pose for the pics, these the who mofo’s would have ran with Harriet Tubman who relied upon and accepted caucasian allies? Aren’t these folks going against the grain like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass did in order to free themselves and others? Rebellion comes in many forms. The entire political system seeks to capitalize off of independent spirits. The same folks our people are calling “coons and in the sunken place” for being free thinkers instead of ineffective group think conduits, are the same folks that would have been brave enough to follow Harriet Tubman, fight with Nat Turner or would have rebelled with the Haitians as they bucked public/popular opinion at a time when right and wrong were convoluted. As these critics forget what Killary Clinton and Obama’s token ass left us with the reality of, I see boldness here.


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