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Drein Mohren Emblem of the Hotel “Three Mohrs” – Augsburg, Germany The History of the Drei Mohren in Augsburg The story of the hotel “Drei Mohren” (three mohrs) Augsburg originally began with four mohrs. They were monks from Abyssinia whose southward journey was fraught with bad luck …

According to the legend: Around 1495, dark-skinned travelers were seen around the city. Four monks from Abyssinia stayed in Augsburg with innkeeper Minner for a while. The freezing winter however led them to decide to leave much earlier for the warmer south. One of the monks passed away around “Hochfeld”. Innkeeper Minner brought the three survivors back to his house and helped them to get through the winter. In the spring, before the monks left, he had their portrait painted on a board and placed outside the inn.

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