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Do you guys remember Chris Dorner? He went to war with the LAPD a few years back after murdering two officers, & some family members of other officers. There was a huge man hunt for him that ended in him being killed. What the media left out was that he himself was a LAPD officer for years and a veteran.

Until one day while serving a warrant with his white female partner, his partner used excessive force in his opinion, he filed a complaint against his fellow officer for assaulting a mentally ill man after he was already cuffed. After fighting for this country over sea’s and comming home and trying to protect these streets, him being a “good” cop and reporting to the department about his partners misconduct ended in him being fired from the LAPD. He went through every legal avenue he could to try and get his job back but never did. That is what drove him to wage a war with the LAPD, America failed him and he spent most of his life fighting for this country

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