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delusions of grandeur

How can I or we address the world in which we live whereby the national and world narrative is so tainted with the white is right and that such an incorrect narrative has done more harm than good in which the face of greatness in all things has been written with the sole purpose of putting one so-called race above another.

Such arrogance is based on a superficial ideology that makes no sense from a people we know today as being white.

With this false sense of superiority comes a real sense of inferiority backed by 200 yrs of lies that in my opinion and in classical psychology that says “When one takes his, her or their time to down another person or group its done out of fear” such a stance only lends its ears to more harm than good.

For example white people actually believe that they are white but this assumption is based a a false sense of self and lies that has caused white people worldwide a very strong sense of Delusions of Grandeur.

White people in general and due to their level of ignorance have given into this false narrative of superiority that will in the end cost them dearly for now and in reality is killing them mentally and physically and is causing them to be less proactive in their ways and conduct to correct and deal with their drug, sex, crimes against their fellow human being.

All of this is predicated on a false narrative that if the world doesn’t follow the White mans ways and conduct than such inaction will automatically doom the world into a state of confusion and debauchery.

Such a state of debauchery has proven itself to be true if we as a nation and world as a whole continue to follow White peoples ways.

Its a known fact that the greatest provocateur of sexual deviance, murder, rape, pedophilia , the practice of scat whereby a group of whites have sex amongst themselves while eating and drinking the urine and fecal matter of one and the other is a common practice, as well as animal sex, and brothel galore throughout Europe is a common occurence.

Such habits amongst whites has been the unseen and unheard of acts that these degenerates do on a daily basis but for whatever reason the world sees these acts as being those of black people world wide.

But as I have stated earlier TRUTH has a way of coming out and place the burden of lies that have been told squarely on the backs of those who have told them and will be called out for what they are, true liars and killers of humanity and those who have civilized the world will be placed upon the pedestal of greatness and shall reap its rewards from the cornupia of greatness that our ancestors have created for the greater good the summum bonum.

With that being said white people need to know and come to terms with the FACT that theyre are the JOHNNY come Lately of human progress and that they have brought nothing to the world in which we live but the 4 Ds death, destruction, disease and despair.

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