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delusional mofo

Ben El Amin:

1st off, there were no white people until 1681 Maryland Legislature… look it up.

2nd, white people stole everything they now CLAIM they made, invented or built. For example, the CLAIM Isaac Newton discovered calculus, physics and other mathematical principles. Yet, the pyramids pre-date him by about 4500 years.

Example 2: they claim western religions came thru them. However, those principles clearly appear on temple and pyramid walls and are many thousands of years older. Example 3: philosophy, chemistry, astronomy, even cosmetics were clearly taught to them, NOT learn from them (see Stolen Legacy. Socrates himself admits he journeyed from Greece to Africa to be educated: the Archimedes screw (boat propeller) is nothing more than a ripoff of water raising methods used by ancient Nile farmers. I could go one but you get the picture. Black Atlantic Star, if and anytime you need some PROVABLE research already gathered I and my associates are more than willing to provide it from our libraries

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