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A decoy is a person used to impersonate somebody else to draw attention away from the REAL person... This of course applies to so called black European monarchs and notable so called black American historical personages impersonated for political or propagandastic purposes and agendas (i.e. “all blacks are / were Africans / slaves)

Deception is the whole purpose of utilizing a decoy... A photo op, (or video op) is an arranged opportunity to take a photograph or video of a politician, a celebrity, a civilian (decoy) or a notable event... A film still (sometimes called a publicity still or a production still) is a photograph taken on or off the set of a film or an historical reenactment... These photographs are also taken in formal studio settings and venues of opportunity such as film stars' homes, film debut events, and commercial settings... Such stills consisted of posed portraits, used for public display... They can also consist of posed or candid images taken on the set during production

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