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dear white people

This is white America with no God! Constantly inventing NEW Sins!

This goes for the same thing as being the originators of: gay sex, strippers, girls gone wild, girls kissing each other in the mouth (calling it experimenting), dropping it like it hot, pole dancing, stripper clubs, orgies, multiple partners at same time, swingers, prostitution, Greek organizations, beastialty/sex with animals (sodomy) or children, sodomy of oral or anal sex, etc.

The bible talks about the Temple of Prostitution, the Ashtoreth (Asheroth or Aphrodite-the Greek goddess of “love”) stripper pole, male and female prostitutes, sacrifice of children(now it comes in molestation and permitting them to participate in the sin of parents) & the all perversion of sodom and ghomorah.

The Gentiles are people who are without God, without hope, and are far away from God because they REFUSE to repent. This is white America (70%). God made it where, we’re either a Jew or a Gentile (a pagan/sinner). But repentance through deliverance will bring a sinner or a Gentile out of this darkness into God’s marvelous light and be adopted into the family of God, into his inheritance of heaven and being set free from sin (getting saved AND filled with the Holy Ghost). America is a Gentile nation who loves imitating the Christian nature and the Jews. But, just as Jesus is the head of the church, a man is the head of every wife, a nation that is lead by a sinner…the body (majority) will follow. Because, those in charge set the tone, standard, and atmosphere for EVERYTHING. Black America is the minority (13%), but they are just dumb…following the pagan customs and traditions of non-Christian white America bcuz they are the head (leader) when God says don’t follow too. Ex: taking stripping from white America and turned it into…calling it twerking, which is also sin. This is why black America no longer has God either. So, all Gentiles have a spiritual void of God (who sent his Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross, to make a way out of their sins), so sinners spend all their time trying to create more sins. The mind of a sinner. The Bible (Jesus) says, they knew God but they refused to worship him as God. Thinking they were wise, they became utter fools. Thinking up foolish ideas and worshipping animals and things as their gods. They exchange the truth about God for a lie. 1Cor2. The Good News is: if this applies to you, you must be born again! That’s why Jesus died and was raised to make a way of escape out of sins control over you and eternal death called hell when you repentand receive salvation called deliverance. Salvation means you are agreeing to stop all sin you know is sin, dont go back to it and live a righteous life in obedience to the entire word of God from a sincere heart. #TruthThatSetsFreeMinistries#Life

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