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The term “fragility” is a popular phrase that depicts racists, transphobes, and misogynists as ultra-sensitive people who need plenty of attention and free education in order to escape their bigoted mindset.

This “tactic” is actually very manipulative because it places the entire burden of progress and change solely on marginalized people.

We are the ones who have to exhibit radical love and forgiveness for white supremacists, incels, and conversion therapy believers because they’re just “fragile souls” who need guidance.

I’m not here for that nonsense, and neither is our next guest on LLAG Radio, Kundan Chabra. Join me this week for our conversation on toxic positivity, colonization, discrimination against Hindus, and the stories colonial countries use to enforce their power.

“I don’t like the term “white fragility” because it reinforces the idea that they’re victims when they not. They’re not fragile, they’re using a psychological weapon called reverse victimhood — a part of D.A.R.V.O: defend, attack, reverse victimhood and offense.”

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