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cultural appropriation


The KKK styled their attire after west African ancestral Masquerade customs. The African women who were charged with raising the European children during slavery

, taught them and her own children stories of west African ancestral spirits who returned to discipline disorderly youth and young adults (Look up Egun Egun masquerades). She employed this tradition to make them behave when she couldn’t get them to via regular disciplinary actions. These children grew up used these stories of ancestral spirits against newly freed African Americans in the form of the KKK.…/ku-klux-klan-history-african-… KNOWING YOUR HISTORY IS MAJOR KEY. YOUR SPIRIT IS CONNECTED TO YOUR ANCESTORS. THESE PEOPLE LEARNED HOW TO CALL ON THEM. THEN TAUGHT US IT WAS EVIL AND WRONG TO DONIT SO WE AS A WHOLE WOULDnt GENERATE THE POWER OF OUR BLOODLINES. NOTHING THEYve DONE IS ORIGINAL. I MEAN NOTHING. MIMICS WAS SATAN ORIGINAL?? NO IT REPEATED AND MIMICKED EVERYTHING IT SAW THE MOST HIGH DO. TO ATTEMPT TO BE RECOGNIZED AS BETTER.

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