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cosby you big dummy

* Bill Cosby Case Is a Wake Up Call * A few points I would like to * Bill Cosby Case Is a Wake Up Call * A few points I would like to hit on about this matter is How this affects the African American community Bill Cosby’s case in general How in 2018 especially the African American population doesn’t know this is fake -I would like to start out by saying I couldn’t really care to much about Bill Cosby being that he 81 years old, is a brotherhood Mason that is playing his part and had a great life parting with other brotherhood celebrities and living like a King -With that being said, the Bill Cosby convention is a conviction on the entire African American as a whole -Remember no one ever regardless of how the African American has tricked to think, there has never been any so call ” Black ” people from Haitians, Africans, Jamaican, Bahamians, Latinos etc to ever help or defend the African American people or population -In the United States no nations of people no matter the skin color really doesn’t like the African American unless they are some type of entertainers -Not trying to be an asshole because I do love my people but the why we live, raise our children, begging others for food, housing, jobs, education and rights keeps others from taking us serious on a world stage -The fact that people come from the eastern hemisphere to America and know that the African American is indigenous to America but the African American doesn’t know or wants to think it’s cool to be a slave of the white man is just stupid and continue to spell death for their descendants -Is this what it has come to for the African American who was about to turn this bitch upside down over OJ Simpson decades ago but barely a whisper who most considered the most wholesome Black man ever to be on television -So if they they are locking up the most wholesome ” Black ” celebrity for rape, then what are they projecting to the other people in America who aren’t African American -Well if you guessed right it’s that no matter how wholesome any African American is or looks to be they can’t be trusted and can’t control themselves in America -Remember the African American refuses to tell their own story of being indigenous to the Americas, so these immigrants go with this slave story and there for they come to America thinking your children are crazy showing their underwear to other grown men, talking about killing, drug dealing, money that they don’t get illegally , dissing each other and their females in music and having sex with any chick with a big ass -So now and even in the past cases these celebrity males no matter how much many and fame they have, seem to thirst to sexually assault and rape females at will -The African American community in the eyes of many of immigrants are considered animals now -Now what kills me is the fact that these African American celebrities are so rich and famous that they need not to rape any single female but instead they get some much ass from females throwing themselves at them that they have to actually turn down ass but we are told that they need to take something from a woman -Yeah right l, you can believe this bullshit if you want but ain’t no Mike Tyson, Tupac, Bill Cosby or any other celebrity don’t need to do such a thing -This is Bill Cosby the most wholesome negro ever but no black celebrity is out there supporting him, especially knowing they could be next with this fake rape shit -I am fed up and disappointed at these black celebrities that would leave such a man out to be lied on like we don’t have each other’s back -People talking all this dumb ass shit about they are getting him back for trying to buy NBC, well he never did so why would they fuck with him if he don’t own the network -Your life is on the line to go to jail but not one interview and don’t testify in court to defend himself, what person would not defend himself against such charges -This isnt just another episode to make the African American look like an animal in America but also to make the African American community hate America their homeland -Look at the court video after his is convicted, if you are convicted and going to prison or jail no one walks out the front of the courtroom, they alway take your convicted ass out the back of the court room door to be transported to jail -The African American is pretty done after this fake Bill Cosby convicted but the African American community is walking around acting crazy as usual and blind to what the Bill Cosby case means to them on the national stage in their homeland -You got all these Caucasian celebrities walking around free as could be for the same shit that Bill Cosby was accused of -When is the African American community going to wake up and know that this conviction is a conviction on the African American community not these celebrities who live it up as brotherhood Masons and live and party with these white people who are supposed to be the enemy -All negro celebrities on tv, negro politicians and negro athletes ain’t nothing but coons knowing all the shit that the African American community has and continues to go through in this system but still wanna be around the so called enemies -This is what happens when negros worship these same black celebrities but do nothing for their own but give money to white charities -This negro Bill Cosby not a criminal thug or nothing is going to prison for a crime that statutes of limitations prevents wow how does that shit work -The African American keeps lying to themselves about what’s wrong with their children but continue to promote music that talks about killing, sex, drugs, hating each other and living a fast life that they don’t have the wealth too -Your children don’t like school and it’s been known that white history or slave history isn’t beneficial to their future and the ones that do graduate that go to college of the white man, they don’t graduate to start any business because they wanna work for massa and get out the black community but illegal immigrants are starting businesses in the black community’s -The roll models of African American children are rapers and athletes -Why in America no matter the color of people, life in America for them is about business and freedom but for the African American community it’s the same shit with entertaining and religion which hasn’t benefited the African American because we give our talents and energy to people who are supposed to be the enemy -The African American community better wake the fuck up because we continue to be locked at the hip with the enemy on tv but all these other immigrants come to America and go about their business -We supposed to be slaves of the white man but all up in their jobs, politics etc but continue to be on the bottom instead of going about our business as a collective -The Dread Scott case in 1851 says by Supreme Court ruling and has never been over turned to this day that people claiming as ” Black ” have no rights and are second class citizens in the United States but we are still the only ones in America claiming and signing up to be ” Black ” when our skin color is brown -Keep acting dumb in these last days of these immigrants filing in to wipe you out

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